'Rabbit Gler' pendant

€79.00 EUR

'Rabbit Gler' pendant charm

Material: Partially oxidized 925 rhodium-plated Sterling silver
Pendant/bead size length (rabbit height - excluding jump ring, measuring with lower left ear) approx. 30mm
The soldered jump ring is 0.74mm tick
Pendant/bead size width (measuring from the bottom part of the arms resting on the side of the legs - widest part including torso) approx. 16mm
Hole size: approx. 7mm
Weight: approx. 10 g

So cute and adorable, movable big hole 'Rabbit Gler' partially oxidized 925 rhodium-plated sterling silver Teddy bear charm. Teddy bear bead with movable parts: both legs, and both arms. Important!: Please, do not force legs and arms further than they originally move. Fits all our bracelets and necklaces. 
In one of the photos 'Rabbit Gler' on the bottom of the paperclip necklace.

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