Picture Jasper Smooth Bead

€30.00 EUR

Natural Picture Jasper smooth gemstone big core bead 
925 Sterling silver core 
The universal core fits all European-style bracelets 
Bead size: Approx. 15 mm x 7-8 mm
Core size: 4.5 mm
Weight: Approx. 2.90 g
The available bead is nr 8. 

One of the most famous stones in the world with absolutely amazing, remarkable landscape patterns on its surface, formed over time by nature and by many cultures believed to contain hidden messages from the past. Also known as the 'Stone of Global Awareness. A great stone for meditation. Nurturing and protective stone. Very attractive and never the same, a unique gemstone that totally 'lifts' your bracelet or necklace. 

Please note
The available bead is nr 8. 
All gemstones are genuine and natural, different from each other, and totally unique. They can have different colors, shades, and unique inclusions showing their age and natural beauty. The featured image is for the sole purpose of illustrating the product.