Natural Yellow Rosewood bead

€19.00 EUR

Natural Yellow Rosewood wood spacer bead
925 sterling silver core 
Universal core fits all European style bracelets 
Bead size: Approx. 15 mm x 6 mm
Core size: 4.5 mm
Weight: Approx. 1 g

Natural Yellow Rosewood wood spacer bead, unique yellowish-warm brownish-red wood, with a beautiful, visible wood grain-line pattern. Highly detailed. Very attractive and decorative bead. As much as used as a wood product and in folk medicine, in the laboratory shown four isolated compounds from the root of this plant have antioxidant properties. In the last bottom photo, the bead on the right, on the left natural Red Sandalwood bead.

Please note
All wood beads are natural, different from each other and totally unique. They can have different shades and beautiful visible wood grain. The featured image is for the sole purpose of illustrating the product.