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Fox Gler Locket pendant

€135.00 EUR

'Fox Gler Locket' pendant charm

Material: High polished rhodium plated 925 Sterling silver and oxidized fox head with 2 small faceted black onyx eyes, marked GLERMES 925
Locket size length (height - excluding link ring) approx. 12mm X 8mm
Total locket width size: 16mm
The soldered link ring size is approx. 1.8mm tick
Locket size thickness approx. 3 mm, measuring the fox head 6mm
Link hole size: approx. 4mm X 8mm
Weight: approx. 5 g

Adorable, and beautifully detailed, 'Fox Gler Locket' pendant is high polished rhodium plated, and partially oxidized 925 Sterling silver with two small faceted black onyx eyes. In the back marked GLERMES 925. Designer jewelry pendant, Victorian era -inspired oval-shaped fox locket pendant with beautifully detailed fox head, and sophisticated, discreet two natural onyx faceted eyes. The link gives a modern, yet contemporary look. A wonderful keepsake and a beautiful gift. Depending on your wishes and creativity, it can be worn on a necklace chain, bracelet chain, or maybe attached to the hoop earring. The inside can be personalized by you adding a message or, one or two photos on each side of the inside of the locket, featuring your loved ones. If a photo is added, the best way is to print it on the sticker. Superglue isn't advised. It can harm the silver. In the video the locket is featured showing the front, back, and when opened.

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